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I'm here for you!

If you have a general question or 2 or would like to book, please leave a message below and I will get back to you during regular business hours M-F 830am-5pm EST.

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If interested in booking, which session time fits best.
What type of session are you interested in?

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  • My dog is a little (insert quirk here) so he will never cooperate for a session.
    Yes! Approximately 98.9% of the dogs that I photograph have some kind of a quirk. They may or may not listen to sit or stay and that perfectly OK! However, if this is the case, my suggestion is to do a photo session outdoors where my camera can capture them at 1/2000th of a second so they be their true silly selves. I do not believe in forcing a dog to be anything but themselves as that would not capture their true essence.
  • I don't feel comfortable with my dog off leash outdoors what are my options?
    Your floofy friend's safety is my number one priority during our session and the only dogs that should come off-leash are the ones that their owners are 110% confident in their ability to recall their pet in that particular situation. Most dogs I photograph have leashes on....ah, the magic of photoshop!
  • How many dogs are included in the session?
    I don't believe in adding additional costs for additional dogs. You are having a photo session with me and the more the merrier. However, with space constraints in my studio. If you have more than one dog, we would need to consider an outdoor shoot however, bring ALL the dogs and your family too!!!! This is your photo session and let's create it that way!
  • Do you offer End of Life Sessions/Tribute Sessions?
    Yes, and these break my heart every time however there is no bigger honour for me to be able to offer this service. I will make every effort to be there for you and squeeze you into my schedule as quickly as possible.
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