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I caught the agility bug

When I took Skittles to agility, I never thought I would become this addicted to it. She was not excited about it, and it took her about ten weeks to find the joy in it (she was scared of everything). On Monday, as usual, I took her to class into the arena and took her leash off. She usually would sniff and walk pretty close to me so I thought nothing of it. She took her leash off and off, and she went over jumps, through the tunnels, and flew toward the weave poles. You could see her mind reeling after every obstacle (what can I do next). She was like a kid in a candy store. (I wish I had it on camera).

Her excitement excites me for class; now I have two dogs. I wake up excited daily, thinking, “What can I teach them/practice today?”

I feel I have found MY joy!!!

Thanks to Lynn On Target Dog Training, Certified Professional Dog Training for being patient with us. She is rich in knowledge, and I love learning from her stories!

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